Quantize #3


at Former Suujin Elementary School / Kyoto, JAPAN

Materials : Sound, Light bulb, Fluorescent light, Fan, Mirror, Brass, Watch, Wood, Georgette, Computer, etc.

Size : variable

Photo : Tekaru koroda 1,2,3,4

The sound and sculpture installation work was installed at a former elementary school which has 120 years of history and closed in 2010.
Audience can experience the recorded (controlled) voice of children, strange sounds, scrap sounds of instrumental music, the sound sometimes made when an electric fan causes the window curtain on the side to wave, or the fluorescent lamp on the ceiling turning on unexpectedly. All the phenomena are random and computer-programmed, so even the artist cannot anticipate the next scene.
Hisakado tried to form this installation work by politely research environments and its history of this region (Suujin area : discriminated community which used to exist in Kyoto City, Japan).