at Mt.Rokko / HYOGO, JAPAN

Materials : Old Stand Light, Sound, Light Bulb, Computer, Brass, Notebook, Watch, etc.

Size : variable

This is a site-specific installation work in a cottage at the top of 'Rokko mountain' in Hyogo prefecture in Japan.
The light stands which had been used in the 'Rokko Oriental Hotel' (closed down in 2007) are heaped up, and the loud sound of wind recorded at the top of 'Rokko Mt.' is installed in a small mountain cottage.
All stand lights continue to flash intensely by being synchronized randomly with the sound of wind. On the other hand, a small sculpture of branch-like forms made from brass is attached on each of the clock hands which keep moving independently of the sound and flashes of the light stands. Hisakado tried to repre- sent a kind of relation between the man-made object and the nature force.