crossfades #3


Materials : Paper, Wood, Watch, Aluminium, Brass, Magnifying glass, Letter of Pi.

Size : Left H710 * W510 * D30 / Right H710 * W510 * D30 mm

Are human senses evolving with the progress of time or are they degenerating? It is not easy to answer this question. In today's artistic expressions, while there are some straightforward, easily understandable works with considerable impact, there are also not a few works that bewilder the viewers as they are so ambiguous and difficult to understand. On the other hand, the artists appear to be almost forced to eloquently narrate their own works.
    Amidst such circumstances, Tsuyoshi Hisakado continues to produce installations with objects, light and sound that question the viewer's viewpoint and sensitivity. Crossfades #3, the work presented here, is comprised of a pair of panels, one with only 0.2 mm-wide infinitesimal characters that are to be read with a loupe attached to the tip of the second hand of a clock and the other a sheet of aluminum cut to the same size. The entire aluminum plate is polished and there is a round mirror plane that has been polished further in the lower right so that one of your eyes is reflected in it. Through these two acts of “looking in,” i.e. looking in with curiosity and initiative, in the former case, finding out that the numbers indiscernible to the naked eye indicate π, you experience the spread of senses and the process of cognition simultaneously. In the latter case, the panel is devised so that you can objectify yourself. The artist himself describes this as “improvement of the resolution of perception.” By shaking the senses that were about to become flaccid with vivid gestures, he lets you to catch a glimpse of an alternative time and space hidden behind the reality.

Sumi Hayashi
Independent Curator


combined crossfades   2014

crossfades #2   2014