crossfades #3


Materials : Paper, Wood, Watch, Aluminium, Brass, Magnifying glass, Letter of Pi.

Size : Left H710 * W510 * D30 / Right H710 * W510 * D30 mm

At first sight, it seems a simple circle, but in fact it is a part of ʻPiʼ which is written in tiny numerals.
A small rope is attached on the top of clock hand, and the people can recognize about ʻ the movement of timeʼ through the rope. The numerical character is not wrote on simple circle, but actually on spiral line. It represents the eternity of time and space. This work consists of two parts. Another work is heavy aluminium panel, but it is polished only to a small extent, so people can recognize themselves by gazing into it.
By gazing through the two ʻholesʼ, Hisakado attempts to suggest the possibility of new sensibility.  


combined crossfades   2014

crossfades #2   2014